I work very closely with healers and priests trained and initiated in various modalities and spiritual traditions. These individuals are trusted elders and colleagues and thus, are highly recommended.


Darasia Selby (Philadelphia, PA) - Isese Ifa & Orisa, Lukumi/Regla de Ocha, Astrology, Spiritual Coaching


Michael Bejarano (Slidell, LA) - Lukumi/Regla de Ocha, Espiritismo

Kris Gleason (Durham, NC) - Life Coaching

Luis Marin (Fairfax, VA) - Isese Ifa & Orisa, Lukumi/Regla de Ocha

Tara Bianca Rado (Durham, NC) - Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Labor Stimulation, Body Work

Ty Shaw (Atlanta, GA) - Isese Ifa, Lukumi/Regla de Ocha, Palo Mayombe. Espiritismo Cruzado, Haitian Vodou, Esoteric Sexology, Kink & Fetish, Sex & Intimacy Coaching, Tantra

USA - Pacific Northwest and West Coast

Eric Colon (Los Angeles, CA) - Palo Mayombe

Katherine Larson (Seattle, WA) - Reiki Master

Terri-Dawn Trosclair Gonzalez (Los Angeles, CA) - Purveyor of Orisa and Espiritismo herbal products


Linda Carter (Birmingham, UK) - Hypnotherapy

Michael Andrew Nolan (Toronto, CA) - Hypnotherapy