I know Negarra from the Seattle art scene, most recently from the 2018 Seattle Art Fair. The things that strike me most about her are her intellect and drive for clarity, in a field that is often deliberately opaque. I find this refreshing in a town like Seattle, where many choose to be vague about where they stand in order to avoid potential conflict.
Negarra is also clear-eyed about how African Americans and others in the diaspora negotiate the art world. It’s rare to converse on a deep level about both ideals and realities for artists of color. Negarra recognizes both.
— L. Meyers Bulmash
Negarra to help me with development a narrative around a large art installation. Writing is not my strongest skill and Negarra was extremely helpful in providing suggestions for story development and helping me to focus as well as providing excellent copy editing support. She really listened to my me and she was quick and professional.
— J. Agbro
Had a tarot card reading with the Aquarian deck and was gently surprised although mostly affirmed about the mysterious time to come in the very near future. All feelings of uncertainty were eased substantially with confidence to go forward knowing things will be fine. Negarra is super enthusiastic about the tarot AND your life when she reads your spread and articulate, even artistic in the way she reads and weaves the different positions together for you.
— R. Perera
My session with Negarra was amazing. She gave me the insight I needed. I finally have clarity and understanding of what I have been going through and what lies ahead for me. You can not go wrong with her! Her spirit is calming and beautiful.
— J. Becton
I had the most amazing and relaxing reiki experience ever!!!! I walked away feeling refreshed and in alignment with my body. I know I was snoring lol!!!! But seriously Negarra is the BEST!!!! Thank you so much for positive energy and helping me get back to feeling centered. I’ll be seeing you again soon!
— A. Alley-Barnes
As a diviner, priest, and spiritualist in my own right, it inevitably becomes necessary for us to check in with a colleague to gain outside perspective in order to receive clarity about one’s own life and affairs.
I was impressed by the reading I received, and the clearly understood, honest, and objective advice.
I am more than pleased.
— A. Fossett
I learned a lot from my session with Negarra. I tend to think a lot about my position in life in the context of those that came before me and those that will come after me. Negarra’s insights and knowledge really support this generative view of time and community. I felt a sense of confirmation for many notions and perspectives that I hold and clear on where I’d like to steer my intentions moving forward.
— M. Tweedy

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