PRESS & praise

My session with Negarra was amazing. She gave me the insight I needed. I finally have clarity and understanding of what I have been going through and what lies ahead for me. You can not go wrong with her! Her spirit is calming and beautiful.
— J. Becton
I had the most amazing and relaxing reiki experience ever!!!! I walked away feeling refreshed and in alignment with my body. I know I was snoring lol!!!! But seriously Negarra is the BEST!!!! Thank you so much for positive energy and helping me get back to feeling centered. I’ll be seeing you again soon!
— A. Alley-Barnes
As a diviner, priest, and spiritualist in my own right, it inevitably becomes necessary for us to check in with a colleague to gain outside perspective in order to receive clarity about one’s own life and affairs.
I was impressed by the reading I received, and the clearly understood, honest, and objective advice.
I am more than pleased.
— A. Fossett
I had an Oracular Divination session with Negarra and was left with so many things to ponder as well as tools to deeper examine my life and history in order to take the steps towards living my full potential.
Negarra’s intellect is astounding but even more her ability to offer spiritual advice and allow me time to process provided comfort at a time that could easily have left me feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. She ensured me that if I had questions later I could reach out to her; I am grateful.
I truly feel that it’s Negarra’s desire for me to live my best life. I’m excited to take the steps and to schedule with her again when I’m ready for my next elevation of learning.
— A. Caldwell
Had a tarot card reading with the Aquarian deck and was gently surprised although mostly affirmed about the mysterious time to come in the very near future. All feelings of uncertainty were eased substantially with confidence to go forward knowing things will be fine. Negarra is super enthusiastic about the tarot AND your life when she reads your spread and articulate, even artistic in the way she reads and weaves the different positions together for you.
— R. Perera
I learned a lot from my session with Negarra. I tend to think a lot about my position in life in the context of those that came before me and those that will come after me. Negarra’s insights and knowledge really support this generative view of time and community. I felt a sense of confirmation for many notions and perspectives that I hold and clear on where I’d like to steer my intentions moving forward.
— M. Tweedy
What an incredible session. I’ll admit it, I was a bit cynical at first, but I ended up being blown away. By the end of our time together I had a clarity about my current path and a deeper sense of appreciation both for everything that has brought me here and the direction that I am heading. I felt seen and heard in a deep way and I was reminded of the wisdom that I and my community—those here now and those that came before—carry. The next week was FULL of reminders of our time together and I laughed out loud a few times to see the connections that had been hidden from my conscious mind now fully exposed for me to explore.
If you’re looking for someone who can engage your full intelligence and consciousness while skillfully—and honestly—helping you to find your way forward, please book a session. You won’t regret it.
— T. Fentress

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