Negarra A. Kudumu is an interlocutrice working at the intersection of art and healing with a focus on contemporary art from the Pacific Northwest, Africa, South Asia, and their respective diasporas. 

Her curatorial expertise includes a group exhibition for the Lisbon-based gallery MOVART for the 2021 ARCO Madrid art fair and three exhibitions during her tenure as curator at CoCA featuring works by artists Selma Waldman, Meghan Elizabeth Trainor, and Rajaa Gharbi respectively. Negarra regularly lectures, participates in talks, and moderates panels on various topics relating to contemporary art. Over the past four years, she has been invited to speak in Calgary, Toronto, Amsterdam, and Harare on a range of topics most notably arts education, artistic practice, and alternative artistic, pedagogic, and cultural praxis.

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Rajni Perera and Nep Sidhu: On World Making
Mackenzie Art Gallery exhibition, Rajni Perera & Nep Sidhu: Banners for New Empires 

Traveller Persists
Patel Gallery solo exhibition Traveller by Rajni Perera

Luminous Potentialities: Jakob Dwight’s Autonomous Prism
50 Golborne installation for 1-54 New York

Marking the Spot: Squire Broel’s Totemics
American University Museum at Katzen Art Center exhibition Squire Broel


(M)other’s Work: Praise Prose for Rajni Perera’s Mythic Humanoids
Project Gallery + Rajni Perera

Lunar Ekphrasis
Bridge Productions

Curatoriality: Lessons So Far
Bridge Productions

On Curating, Care, Research, & Writing
Bridge Productions

Reading Rajni Perera
C Magazine (#137)

An Appropriation Assize
La Norda Specialo

First Sight

2015 - 2018
Art Radar Journal

2014 - 2015

I am available for select curatorial projects. Email me to inquire.

In addition to my curatorial work I support the growth of emerging artists and arts professionals focused on building bodies of work, increasing their knowledge base on contemporary art, exhibiting, and navigating the art world. Click here to schedule a consultation.