A La Carte Healing Services

I partner with clients to support them in achieving sustainable, integrated healing solutions. My approach combines education about healing and spirituality, with a strong intellectual and practical foundation in African Diaspora spiritual traditions, and an intuitive understanding of my clients’ healing objectives.


Divination is performed using the principles and methodologies of Espiritismo Cruzado, Muerterismo, and Palo Mayombe respectively. Divination provides insights and practical guidelines for (re)establishing connection with ancestors and spiritual guides and identifies issues that are ripe for resolution. These sessions include a combination of mediumship and/or divination with implements.

Resulting solution works include, but are not limited to, solution and support in the form of advice or mentorship; the provision of succor and upliftment through intentional prayer, blessing, and other remedies; and by transforming adversity and loss into success and abundance.

When scheduling a divination session, clients will complete a questionnaire and based on the information shared, I will offer the divination session that best suits your scenario.



Mentorship s a way for individuals - be they beginning or intermediate practitioners, initiated or non-initiated - to further their spiritual practice and establish a workable routine that holistically incorporates their spirituality into their lives. Currently, mentorship is offered across two offerings. Use the links below to learn more and subscribe.



Individuals earning 50% or less than the annual median income for their state are eligible for 50% discount on select a la carte healing services. Proof of income is required. Eligibility is subject to review and all discounts will be reevaluated on an annual basis. Click here to learn more and request consideration for a financial hardship discount.