empowered by art world savoir-faire and SUPPORTED BY AN UNFLAPPABLE spiritual FOUNDATION

Negarra A. Kudumu is a living example of ambitious transformation situated at the nexus of art and healing. She is committed to developing and distributing reliable content on contemporary art and healing practices that is easily accessed, understood, and relevant to the contemporary moment. Negarra is an advocate, coach, and facilitator for healers, writers, curators, spiritualists, artists, and anyone with a wanderlust for life and a desire to create the reality they wish to live.

I am committed to developing and advancing critical discourse about healing and contemporary art, using writing, scholarship, curation, divination, spiritual work, herbalism, and thorough readings of the historical record as the tools of my trade. My point of departure is multicultural, multidisciplinary, multisensory, and multidimensional. I look for the unseen so that I may ask better questions, and create better solutions.

I am supported by an advisory group of elders with over 40 years of combined aesthetic, business, educational, spiritual, and organizational acumen They are: Royal Alley-Barnes, MAT; Sabrina Davis-Parham; Luis Marín; and Teisha Shaw.