Let Them Enter Dancing and Showing Their Faces spans the multiple generations and forms of media that inform Nicholas Galanin’s “vessels of knowledge, culture and technology—inherently political, generous, unflinching, and poetic.” He creates and speaks through multiple visual, audible, and tactile languages, a practice succinctly articulated through the introduction by artist Merritt Johnson, and further explored in conversation and critical analysis through scholars Negarra A. Kudumu and Erin Joyce. 

Galanin’s practice includes numerous collaborations, including with his brother and fellow artist Jerrod Galanin under the moniker Leonard Getinthecar, through his participation in two artist collectives, Black Constellation, and Winter Count, and with the recently-announced group Indian Agent, along with Otis Calvin III, and Zak Dylan Wass—their first album, Meditations in the Key of Red, was released in 2017.

Through two- and three-dimensional works and time-based media, Galanin encourages reflection on cultural amnesia that actively obscures collective memory and acquisition of knowledge. Galanin’s work has been exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. This is his first monograph and it serves as the accompaniment for Galanin's forthcoming solo exhibition at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

Published by Minor Matters Books, Seattle, WA (2018)

Exhibition: Dear Listener, Heard Museum, May 4 - September 3, 2018

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