Tarot Divination uses tarot cards to offer insights into your past and present, and provide information about possible outcomes and future events. Deeper levels of interpretation are achieved through the use of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience throughout the session.

Oracular Divination is conducted according to the Palo Mayombe tradition and investigates the collective dead, the querent's ancestors, spiritual divinities, and other energies in the universe to reveal information about the querent's past, assess the querent's present, and reveal possible future scenarios. This divination method allows the querent to ask specific questions and receive precise answers, which the querent may use as a point of departure for healing, resolution, and sound decision-making.


Developed by Mikao Usui, Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice that reestablishes harmony for the mind, body, and spirit through enabling and strengthening one's ki so that it may flow freely.

Reiki works well both as a preventative measure and also as a supplemental wellness practice. It is particularly adept at alleviating pain and anxiety, and supporting an overall state of relaxation. Reiki can be performed in person or at a distance.

Sustainable results from Reiki are best achieved with regular appointments. To that end, we offer Reiki packages of 2, 3, or 4 sessions.


Our custom herbal products include single abstract tinctures, herbal soaps, and spiritual baths prepared in accordance with the protocols and best practices of the Palo Mayombe tradition.

Prayer, Blessing and Spiritual Remedy

This modality is, informed by and performed according to the Espiritismo tradition and combines prayer, blessing, and simple but effective remedies to allow you to regain empowerment, and learn how to implement simple and effective practices into your spiritual hygiene and self-care regimen.

Advice and Mentorship

For every stage of life there are ups and downs and in between times. Whether you seek insights for handling the passing of a loved one, a career change, or perhaps you are desire advice on how to move into a more spiritually grounded space, we are able to assist you. We offer a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space that combines active listening, engagement, goal setting, and the development and execution of a plan to help you advance and transcend.

Condition Works

Condition works, as the name implies, are solutions to conditions that are in place, and perhaps have been in place in your life that are a hindrance to your forward movement. These works are performed in accordance with the Palo Mayombe system, and thus are always preceded by oracular divination. We develop solutions for issues such as career, money, finance, health, family, and relationships.