Mike Wagner, the slings and arrows of adoration (tragic hero #1), 2018, oil on panel 57 x 48 inches. Image courtesy of Bridge Productions.


Bridge.Productions, Seattle, WA
May 19 - June 30, 2018

The inaugural Bridge Productions Curatorial Residency will host independent essayist & curator and Frye Art Museum Manager of Public Programs Negarra A. Kudumu. This residency will highlight Negarra’s ongoing intellectual and professional trajectory from neophyte art administrator to established, independent art scholar, writer, and emerging curator. Drawing from her rich repository of public talks and writings, Negarra’s residency will produce new writing on the key issues she continues to work with in her practice namely, among them the education and curation as spectrum, not a binary, curatoriality, and condition versus methodology particularly where African and African Diasporic cultural politics are concerned. To highlight and bring to bare these thought experiments, Negarra will curate an exhibition featuring new and existing works by the prolific multidisciplinary artist Mike Wagner.

Through brush strokes and with refined sensibilities around what constitutes taboo, snark, and witty repartee, Mike Wagner brings the attention to the faces of the forgotten, disfigured, beautiful and unobtainable, while exposing us to both their weaknesses and our very own. A painter of true honesty, a lover of riparian entertainments and a genuine follower of his own trends, Mike Wagner paints to expose. He leaves ephemera that can, if we inculcate his offerings, illuminate our own journeys towards transformation and realization.

On Curating, Care, Research, & Writing, April 18, 2018