Rajni Perera

“Reading Rajni Perera” in Issue 137 of C Magazine


I had the pleasure of writing the feature article about an artist whose work means the works to me. Look out for “Reading Rajni Perera” by yours truly in the forthcoming issue of C Magazine.

Excerpt, “This issue features a striking artist project by Rajni Perera, with an extended essay on her work by Negarra A. Kudumu. Perera’s paintings, from her Afrika Galaktika series, draw from, as the artist says “the visual languages of Indian miniaturist art, Blaxploitation and the images produced by the Hubble Deep Field Telescope.” Through the figure of Afrika Galaktika, Perera critiques sexualized representations of the ethnic female body predominant in Western cultures, ultimately suggesting new possibilities for a radical future.”

Read the entire editorial by Kari Cwynar, here.

Negarra A. Kudumu

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