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From the Aquarian Tarot illustrated by David Palladini

From the Aquarian Tarot illustrated by David Palladini

From the Bridge Productions Facebook Page,

Just in today! A large part of Negarra A. Kudumu's curatorial residency is spent in research and writing in the Georgetown location. We're excited to present the first of three essays she will be generating, which accumulate to point towards the work of Mike Wagner, which will be exhibited from 19 May through the end of June. Here is an excerpt:

Contemporary art is the art of our time, the art of now. The artists are often still alive, making work, and depending on their acclaim and/or commercial viability they are in high demand by collectors. The fact of their existence and the [presumably] prolific nature of their practices make many artists as intriguing as celebrity musicians and actors. The ability to see their art on social media in museums nationally and internationally adds to the intrigue and the trending cultural capital of the artist and his or her work. Additionally, and notably, in the late 20th and now the 21st century contemporary African Art, African-American Art, and African Diaspora is going viral, and is quite frankly some of the best work in contemporary art today. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with it!
— Negarra A. Kudumu, April 18, 2018

To read the entire article, visit the Bridge Productions dedicated web page here.