On Support: Words From My Heart To Yours


There are precious few lived human experiences that are executed in solitude.  In Western society, we are taught that independence and autonomy is to be valued above all. Alone time has it's merits, and certainly not all group dynamics are healthy, but there is very little that can replace the inner sustenance brought by a reunion with friends, hugs and kisses from loved ones, or a conversation with a mentor. It reminds you that not only aren't you alone, someone, several someones, in fact, want to know that you are well. 

Learning how to ask for and receive help were skills I had to grow. I often didn't think anyone cared. I never want to be a bother to anyone. Mostly I don't want to be perceived as weak, especially to those who count on me, or know me as unflappable.

A few years ago, when I was on the receiving end of some hugely negative energy, I got on my godmother's line repeatedly and asked for help. She delivered. In the last 2.5 months of 2017, I was stricken with a severe bout of anxiety, which also masked depression. I had two close friends who called or texted me just about every day to ask how I was feeling and to encourage me to take extra care of myself. Both of them witnessed me struggling and the simple gesture of a hug, a call, and/or text showed me that my well-being was important to them. 

The power of care and support is a primary factor in healing from spiritual, emotional, and physical ailment. Be it the care of friends, family, a doctor, or a healer, the energy of care and support is a necessary antidote to begin to reverse whatever disease exists. I would encourage you all, that when embarking on any kind of healing journey to take the time to take stock of your support team. Make a list, call up each person, tell them you love them, and that you may be needing them soon. Ask of them what they are able, and prepare to be surprised when they over deliver. Even when you are not in need, reach out to your team anyway. They may be in need, and even if they too are doing well, support in times of ease and joy, is needed and desired too.

To my mother, my brother, my godmothers, my spiritual family, my friends, and loved ones in Chicago, Seattle, NYC, The Netherlands, and beyond: I love you. Thank you for standing up for me, for battling for me, for correcting me, for cheering me on, for literally putting money and opportunity in my lap, for the hugs, the calls, and the texts, and your prayers. May there never be any moment where we can not serve and love each other in this way.