5 Steps Towards Spiritual Hygiene

spiritual hygiene.jpg

Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness; however, when you hear the term spiritual hygiene, what kind of clean do you mean exactly? Just as we check in with ourselves to make sure our noses and throats are free of mucus, our mouths and underarms devoid of foul odors, and our teeth aren't painted over with plaque, we must also check in with ourselves spiritually to see if anything looks or feels off kilter. By off kilter, I mean are we able to intuit clearly and meditate with ease? When we look in the mirror do we see light hovering around us consistently or do we look dull? Or worse, are we outlined by a dark shadow? Do we wake up in the morning feeling fine, and then the moment we enter a certain space, or are in the company of certain people, we feel drained, or worse, sad or angry?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, and you answer yes to those questions consistently, then you could likely benefit from a implementing a consistent spiritual hygiene regimen. While everyone's spiritual makeup is different, there are a few basics that when attended to on a regular basis, will go a long way towards maintaining energetic equilibrium.

Here are a few recommendations that have come in handy for me over the past years, and now are fixtures in my spiritual hygiene routine:

  1. Prayer: we underestimate our own power to self-protect and keep us out of the pathway of negative energy. Prayer is a simple but effective tool one can do, regardless of religious or spiritual affiliation to help keep your pathways free and in the clear. Below is a sample prayer to illustrate the point. Feel free to substitute God for whatever entity you pray to, and Amen for whatever valediction you prefer. Dear God, I thank you for your blessings and protection. I ask that you continue to keep me free and clear of any and all things that are not intended for my highest good, that you allow me to see my enemies before they see me, so that I may be victorious in my battles, and that you allow me to be in complete alignment with my soul and my body so that I may know when there is unbalance, and be able to make the necessary adjustments with your support and the support of my ancestors. Amen.
  2. Decalcifying your pineal gland: this has been a massive boost to my spiritual hygiene and it is very easy to do. The pineal gland is the site of the third eye chakra. It is responsible for our spiritual sight and allows us to transmit messages from between realms. Most people have calcified pineal glands by virtue of the massive amounts of fluoride and calcium in our food and environment. It's literally in everything: light bulbs, tooth paste, mouth wash, water, etc. While it's hard to remove fluoride from everything you can make conscious decisions about what products you use and substitute them for non-fluoride versions. in addition you can incorporate into your health regimen herbs and supplements that will decalcify the pineal gland. I embarked upon this process at the end of 2016 and it has been nothing but forward movement every since. I make a tea using holy basil and chlorophyll at least weekly. I use non-fluoride versions of toothpaste and mouth wash. When I first did my pineal detox, I was on heavy doses of MSM, colloidal silver, and Vitamin C, in accordance with the instructions on this site. Be sure to follow carefully the instructions for using colloidal silver. As your pineal gland starts to break free, you will start to receive an increased volume of information from other realms, often times from your ancestors or spirit guides. By establishing this communication you are in a position to receive messages that you can use to make informed decisions on just about everything. For those of you new to mediumship, I urge you to seek out an experienced mentor who can assist you as your pineal gland begins to clear.
  3. Nature Baths: I call these baths but really they are just extended periods of time spent in nature amongst trees, oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers etc. Intentional time spent in nature is known to have positive effects on health. Though we are humans, we are still mammals and as much as we are accustomed to concrete jungle and wireless internet, our native lifestyle actually involves a life much closer to the bone. Meaning? Go to a beach and swim and sun bathe. Take an extended walk in the park. Climb a tree. Bury your feet in the dirt. Buy plants that purify your air and pump oxygen into your environment like Ficus or Boston Fern.
  4. Ban technology: Yes I am being dramatic and unrealistic; however, it is a known fact that all of our devices bring electronic smog into our home and work environments. Studies are now saying that radiation from cell phones and other mobile devices is not as innocuous as we once thought. The more devices one has, the more smog one is exposed to. One quick way to reduce that smog is to remove devices from your sleeping area, and/or turn them off altogether when not in use. For many of us, that may not be possibility. A few years ago, I researched and purchased crystals specifically for the purpose of clearing the electronic smog from my home. This website, mindat.org is an alphabetical database of all rocks and minerals, where you can start your research.
  5. Spiritual baths: this topic could take up an entire article as there is so much to say about it; however, in brief, the knowledge of the properties and preparation of herbs and other organic materials combined with clear intention and steadfast prayer to create a bath ritual for sloughing off negative energy, and bringing in positive energy is an age old practice performed in a number of cultures across various spiritual traditions. You do not have to be a priest or priestess to make a spiritual bath; however, you do need to have at least a perfunctory knowledge of herbs, their preparation, and it is mandatory (in my opinion) to know how to pray out loud in order to imbibe the herbs with the energy of the intent for which they are being used. More on this next week.

These are suggestions that if carefully considered, and thoughtfully and regularly used, will set you on the path to spiritual self-care and thus a richer more engaging relationship with your social, natural, and energetic/spiritual environments.