A Labor Of Love: Spiritual Bath Tea By Okántomí

There are a lot of products on the market that cater to customers, like myself, who prefer all natural, home made, and hand crafted cosmetics. There is a growing number of products by spiritual healers, or shamans, that claim to have properties emanating from the divine. Precious few of those products are made by priests and priestesses of African-rooted spiritual traditions hailing from verifiable lineages of unflappable and unquestionable asé. I have recently been introduced to such a product made by Okántomí, also known as Terri-Dawn Trosclair-Gonzalez, called "Spiritual Bath Tea Oshún’s Bath Tea for Love & Prosperity".

What is asé? It is a divine force that lives within each of us that gives us the vigor and energy to manifest and achieve alignment with our destines, through the support of ori, orisha, egun, and other spiritual entities. We all have asé, and we can all use our asé to our advantage even without initiation. An initiated person's asé has been activated through rites and ceremonies specific to the orisha to which they are initiated. They are endowed, through initiation, with a set tools and access to training and knowledge for cultivating their unique abilities - spiritual and otherwise - for the betterment of themselves, their families, and communities over the course of their lives on earth. 

In the case of Okántomí, she was enriched, through initiation, with the asé of the orisha Oshún. Oshún is most well-known as the Yoruba love goddess. She is also a riverine deity and thus concerned with fecundity. She is also associated with beauty and self-reflection. I've often felt that Oshún uses the river as the reflective surface through which she shows her worshippers all that they need transform in order to be their best selves and live their best lives. 

Okántomí's asé is plentiful, powerful, and sentient with this bath. Make no mistake, when you purchase and use Spiritual Bath Tea, it will be an experience that activates all senses. You will reflect on where you are and where you want to go. You will inhale the potent and aromatic perfumes and be calmed and joyful. You will be moved to ask Oshún to support you in love and prosperity and bless you with and endless pipeline of both. And quite frankly, after soaking in this bath, you may be ready to call your sweetheart and love them down properly and without end. 

This bath ritual is an unforgettable experience. The emotions evoked through scent, sight, and touch run as deep as Okántomí's profound love and respect for Oshún and for the Lukumi tradition. I encourage you to follow the suggested preparation and instructions for usage. At this writing, I have been out of the bath tub for almost two hours and the perfume of this bath tea has permeated my skin and every room of my home. To Okántomí, I say, "Modupe Iya!" and to Oshún I say, as I learned in Brazil, "Ora yeye ooooooooooooooooo!"

About Okántomí

Okántomí is Terri-Dawn Trosclair-González (also known as TeeDee Oshún), an ordained priestess of the Orisha Oshún within the Afro-Cuban Lukumí system of Orisha worship, which derives from the spiritual traditions of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria and Benin in West Africa. Okántomí was trained in the art of confecting spiritual baths by her religious elders, and has developed a great love for this endeavor. She is passionate about working with sacred herbs to effect healing, and after twenty years of creating spiritual baths, she is dedicated to continuing her botanical work as a lifelong educational journey of discovery and wonder.

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