Understanding Etheric Cords and Soul Contracts


A significant and ongoing part of my own healing journey has been coming to grips with the way in which my experience in this life has been shaped by experiences in past lives, but also by those that happened to my ancestors.

As an initiated priestess in an Afro-Caribbean spiritual tradition, Palo Mayombe, whose purpose is to obliterate suffering, I began to consider that my particular brand of suffering - in the form of anxiety caused by financial precarity and loneliness - is comprised of various energetic cords and probably, also, numerous soul contracts that have been passed down on both sides of my family for generations. With the mediumship, divinatory, and healing capabilities I possess, it is not shocking that I am now realizing the root causes of my anxiety. The shocking part is the intensity, the duration for which these energetic cords and soul contracts have been in existence, and the realization of the precise circumstances under which they were initially established.

As I dive deeper into my own healing around problematic energetic cords and soul contracts, I have been pushed to revisit history as well as begin a cursory dive into the realm of epigenetics (see page 11).  History explains to us the social conditions our ancestors endured - slavery, genocide, forced religious conversion, poverty, sexism, patriarchy as examples - while epigenetics shows how these conditions manifested as disease  in the human mind and body. The missing piece, I believe, is the identification of the specific spiritual-energetic entities created by these social conditions that caused mental or physical illness to manifest. Those things, in my opinion, can be categorized as either etheric cords or soul contractions.

What are they?

Dr. Alberto Villoldo described soul contracts as “agreements that we enter into in order to survive a crisis, allowing us to cope with painful situations for which there are no apparent solutions.” If you understand the nature of global history’s most egregious acts, you can easily imagine how often humans, out of pure despair and desperation, may have subconsciously entered into a soul contract for the sake of survival or to alleviate suffering. 

Etheric cords are energetic connections humans establish between each other that serve a specific purpose and relate to specific set of conditions. Humans establish any number of etheric cords of varying durations and of varying intensity. Some of the strongest cords are those we establish with friends, lovers, and family members. These cords, for better or for worse, serve emotional needs.


The characteristics of etheric cords and soul contracts are numerous and are not easy to see. It takes a skilled medium, specifically a clairvoyant, healer, and/or diviner to identify it and its causes. I did not become cognizant of the possibility of either in my life until very recently. The revelation came in the form of a dream that there was an ongoing etheric cord stemming from a past life relationship, that was alive and well for both me and the man in our current life cycles.

I have found identifying the soul contract to be a more nuanced, subtle, and thus, for me at least, a longer process. Specifically, I have had to examine the defining characteristics of my romantic and platonic relationships to identify themes that have repeated themselves over the years. Similarly, where money and stability were concerned, I had to identify the ways in which money has always been evasive, the connection to and impact on my self-worth money has whether I have it or not, and the challenges I experience in achieving the financial security and autonomy I desire.

When I historically contextualize my life and experience as an African-American female descendant of a lineage that experienced centuries worth of systematic oppression in the form of slavery, genocide, and other types of physical, psychological, and spiritual torture (including structural, institutionalized economic discrimination from the end of the slavery to the present), the possibility of the aforementioned soul contracts still playing out in my life seem probable.

Cutting Cords and Ending (or renegotiating) Soul Contracts

There are a multitude of positions on how to and if etheric cords should be cut, and if soul contracts should be renegotiated or ended. I believe that putting an end to problematic cords and contracts can and will be beneficial only if a person is willing to do the necessary work that accompanies the cord cutting process. Some of those necessary steps are outlined here; however, first and foremost the person in possession of these problematic cords and soul contracts needs to do their own personal and spiritual excavation so that they are clear on the effects these entities have had in their life and to know, without a doubt, they are ready to move forward and not turn back. If they are not ready, meaning their mind, heart, and soul are not in alignment, they can go through the termination process and they won’t see transformation.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the creation of the cord or the soul contract, termination may require more than just meditation, visualization, or prayer.  When one is dealing with ancient, deeply rooted etheric cords and soul contracts particularly those that have involved traumatic acts and oppressive social conditions, one will need the support of an adept healer. This healer must be able to investigate, identify the precise issue, and have at their disposal an array of techniques - past life regression, soul retrieval, and soul extraction are a few examples - to use for the purpose of resolution.

The deeper I go into my own journey, the more I see that problematic etheric cords and soul contracts are at the root of many of the serious spiritual issues causing adversity for human beings. Future writings will speak in greater details about the specific ways in which individuals can resolve these scenarios and will discuss tradition specific techniques for resolving them.

Negarra A. Kudumu

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