Time and Place

By Yoruba People (Brooklyn Museum) [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

By Yoruba People (Brooklyn Museum) [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

Owó ara ęni l’àá fí ń túnwà ęni se’
One’s hand is the best tool for fixing one’s life
— Yoruba Proverb

The decision to do anything should ideally reside at the confluence of the right time and the right place. The success I've experience from this precise intersection, is resultant of a rigorous examination of the ideas and beliefs that no longer serve me, actively healing the psychosomatic illnesses of my body, and eliminating practices that run contrary to my belief in liberating my mind, body, and spirit.

I believe there is no mental freedom if the body is in anguish. There is no physical freedom if the spirit is not constantly elevating and evolving. There is no spiritual freedom if one is working the in the service of beliefs that contrary to the lifestyle one desires.

Perpetuity Healing Arts is an offshoot of my personal practice, and moreover my desire to be accountable to myself and others for how I move in the world. Healing is not a solo endeavor. It necessitates community. It requires ongoing training with one's elders and mentors. It requires humility and confidentiality.

As your healer, I meet you where you are, assess where you want to go, and help you get there. I am concerned with the whole individual in its contemporary state. My training as an herbalist, Reiki practitioner, Yayi Nkisi Nganga in the Palo Mayombe tradition, an espiritista in the Espiritismo Cruzado tradition, and my experience as an omo orisa (lay person) in the Lukumi tradition has prepared me to assist individuals in developing a transformational practice of sustainable wellness. I apply my knowledge and skills to identify isolate, and alleviate suffering. As a healing professional, I abide by the ethical codes of the systems I practice and best practices for service-oriented professions.

You can expect to have some very real conversations with me. You can also expect that nothing you share with me will ever be publicized. Healing is one of the hardest projects anyone will ever undertake, but with me, you have a partner to support you and help you develop your toolkit.

Welcome to Perpetuity Healing Arts.