Press Release: Curatorial Lab Part II "Curation and Education: a spectrum, not a binary"


Negarra A. Kudumu | essayist and curator will present it's second Curatorial Lab project,  Curation and Education: a spectrum, not a binary opening June 5 and running through July 6. As a part of the Lab's commitment to critical engagement, this aural 2D installation will wax analytical about existing definitions and functions of curation and education and the ways in which they can and should ideally work together to offer audiences multidisciplinary points of departure for engaging with artists and their oeuvre.

Understanding curation and education as residing along a spectrum, rather than a binary, offers the viewer a holistic experience, a through-line, where the visual narrative carries such conceptual weight that it resounds as strongly as would a discursive rendering. Conversely, the discursive narrative - in the form of public programs such as lectures, conferences, and panel discussions - through employing multidisciplinarity and intersectionality, can leave audiences with visual and aural imprints that lead them back to the artist, the artworks, and optimally, down the path of new explorations. 

In examining the aforementioned, this aural 2D installation will feature the ruminations of curators, educators and other individuals whose professional practices straddle both areas within the museum, academic, and commercial art world contexts.

Press contact:
Negarra A. Kudumu, Founder
Negarra A. Kudumu | essayist & curator
+1 206 743 1394