Establishing A Wellness Lifestyle: Reflections On 2017, Goals For 2018


I started Perpetuity Healing Arts as a result of numerous conversations with friends and fellow healers about how to put our skills and training into action to serve our highest good. We all agreed that healing is not an individual endeavor, and that in order to truly live up to and live out our calling, we must offer our services to the community. More than anything, I'm interested in supporting individuals to establish a transformative wellness practice, which is adaptable to the time and place that individuals find themselves in. Establishing this business has been a necessary first step. The other processes have been behind the scenes but just as important in allowing me to put my best foot forward and show up for myself and for my clients.

Healers who serve clients, must always be in a process of healing and self-improvement. This year I learned, or was reminded, that I must consistently check-in with myself mentally, physically, and spiritually to make sure I am taking the necessary steps to maintain and grow my quality of self-care and wellness, namely: 

  • maintaining my spiritual hygiene (regular divination and resultant condition works, spiritual baths, etc.)
  • performing Reiki on myself no less than twice weekly
  • floating three times a week at Urban Float
  • minimizing interruptions to my sleep schedule
  • sticking to a vitamin supplement regimen that includes an adaptogen, an anti-inflammatory, L-Theanine, and an immunity booster
  • walk in nature once a week
  • establish a regular grocery shopping and cooking schedule that allows me to eat well throughout any given week
  • reducing screen time (all devices, computers, and television)
  • listening with more frequency to love music

Committing to the aforementioned actions in 2017, has supported me immensely in being present for myself and being able to perform at a high level in my work as a healer. Going forward into 2018 I will carry these lifestyle habits with me, and these will allow me to be a better wellness advocate for my clients.

2018 Goals
There is always room for growth and thus, below are a few things I plan to work on that will reinforce my commitment to myself, and allow me to better serve the Perpetuity Healing Arts community.

  • learn and become proficient in a new healing modality that I can offer to my community no later than the beginning of 2019
  • launch a new service in Q2 2018 that will further assist clients to achieve their wellness goals
  • maintain a weekly blogging schedule that covers topics pertaining to herbs, spirituality, healing modalities, and overall wellness
  • continuing to grow the Perpetuity Healing Arts community through curated events, collaborations, public speaking, and communion with fellow healers

Committing to these goals holds me accountable to myself, but also to you, my clients and community. I look forward to a year of transformative growth for us all so that we can envision, create, and execute our plans for a high quality wellness lifestyle.

Perpetuity Healing Arts extends to you it's heartfelt thanks for your support and best wishes for a bountiful 2018 full of prosperity, health, and all that serves your highest good.