I offer my services to individuals and organizations interested in my expertise in research and writing about contemporary art and curation. Projects span across globe.

I offer discounts to individuals earning 50% or less than the annual median income for their state. Discounts are applicable to all art services. Proof of income is required. Eligibility is subject to review. Click here to be considered for a financial hardship discount.

Artist Advocacy
Supporting the growth of emerging and established artists through the acquisition of grants, residencies, and other funding opportunities.
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Curation & Special Projects
We curate exhibitions of emerging and established contemporary artists in the United States and internationally. We partner with artists, musicians, curators, collectors, writers, galleries, scholars, private and not-for-profit organizations to conceptualize and execute artistic projects of national and international renown with lasting impact.
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Research & Editorial
We maintain expertise in contemporary visual culture of African continent, South Asia, Latin America, and related diasporas; critical historiography of art; and the art market;

We produce diverse types of writing including artist profiles, artist interviews, press releases, essays for exhibition catalogues, and scholarly articles; offer developmental and copy editing for books and other long form writing; and we translate texts from French, Portuguese and Spanish into English; and from English into Spanish and Portuguese.
$35 - $95 per hour depending on project.



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