Representing artists to museums, galleries, and collectors, for the purpose of selling and/or displaying their works;

Supporting the growth of emerging artists through the acquisition of grants, residencies, and other opportunities; and

Partnering with artists, musicians, curators, funders, writers, galleries, scholars, and festivals to organize creative projects of national and international renown, and lasting impact.

CURATION & Public Programs

Curating exhibitions of emerging contemporary artists; 

Curating exhibition related and stand alone public programs; and

Developing public programs strategy for museums and other arts institutions that in tune with the current trends and with a view towards creating new pathways for accessing contemporary art and engaging with new and existing audiences

research, writing, & EDITORIAL

Expertise in contemporary visual culture of African continent and its diaspora; critical theory applied to contemporary art; cultural production and cultural consumption, and the art market;

Developing diverse types of writing including artist profiles, artist interviews, press releases, essays for exhibition catalogues, and scholarly articles; and

Developmental and copy editing services for books and other long form writing; translation from French, Portuguese and Spanish into English; and from English into Spanish and Portuguese.