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Negarra A. Kudumu is supported by an advisory group of elders with over 40 years of combined aesthetic, academic, business,  spiritual, and organizational acumen They are: Royal Alley-Barnes, MAT; Sabrina Davis-Parham; Luis Marín; and Teisha Shaw.

Negarra A. Kudumu's integrated, research-driven healing and curatorial practice engages in earnest, critical conversations about contemporary art, healing, and spirituality. The idea developed from the premise that both art and healing are about making: artists make art works, curators make exhibitions, healers make sustainable solutions that positively impact their clients' well-beings at the mind, body, and spirit level. The curatorial practice engages with and advocates for artists through articles and publications, curating exhibitions, and public programs. The healing practice identifies and unroots imbalances in the mind, body, and/or spirit; restablish esharmony so that all can work in good concert; and provides clients with adapatable toolkits they can use over time to sustain their healing.

About Our Founder
Negarra A. Kudumu is an essayist and independent curator, and to-date counts amongst her accomplishments four publications, numerous articles, and six exhibitions. Her writing has been featured in exhibition catalogs for the Heard Museum (Phoenix, AZ), Surrey Art Gallery (Surrey, BC, Canada), and The Walther Collection (Neu-Ulm, DE & New York, NY); she has written several articles on African and South Asian contemporary art for the Hong Kong-based Art Radar Journal, and she is regularly invited to give lectures and participate in panel discussions in the United States, Canada, and internationally.

Ms. Kudumu holds the title of Yayi Nkisi Malongo (priestess) in the Brama Con Brama lineage of Palo Mayombe, is a non-initiated lay practitioner in the Lukumi Pimienta lineage, and an Espiritista. She is also a level II Reiki practitioner and herbalist. She holds degrees from Leiden University and Dartmouth College. She lives and works in Seattle where she is also Manager of Public Programs at the Frye Art Museum.